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The answer is that sometimes, it takes people this talented to misfire this completely.

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They may now believe that this is their first and best chance to revolutionize a mass audience. Boyle and Co. That the result comes closer to a mush-minded Alan Rudolph fantasy Made in Heaven , say directed by Richard Lethal Weapon Donner tells you how easy it is for the cinematically intoxicated to leave their good sense behind.

The characters have barely been introduced, and already they have wackiness coming out of their ears.

A Love Less Ordinary

She just wants to make sure that McGregor does it right. And everything is great.

Movie Review: 'A Life Less Ordinary' |

I can't believe what I'm seeing! It's all going wrong! Your lips are touching mine.

A feeling so divine. Till I leave the past behind. Things have changed down there. I'm getting pressure.

A Love Less Ordinary

For men and women to be bonded. That's the new incentive scheme. No ordinary sin. This perfect working order.

A Love Less Ordinary

I'd rather sink than swim. Let the scandal in.

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Diaz previously made her debut in the Jim Carrey comedy 'The Mask. Though he hasn't acted much in recent years, Holm lent his voice to the character of Skinner in Pixar's 'Ratatouille,' and recently reprised the role of the older Bilbo in Peter Jackson's 'Hobbit' films. She and her partner set about making sure that Robert and Celine fall in love throughout the film.

Hunter's most recent film credit was a role in 'Paradise,' the directorial debut of Diablo Cody.