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The character development for Adam is incredible. He goes from rude and cruel to loving, caring and more human. I felt Adam's need to be loved, his insecurities about his scarred body, and the way he also had to come terms with accepting himself for who he was. I hated Raphael.

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He's a disgusting sexual predator who assaults Isabelle and will do anything to have her. He's a dickhead and I hated him. It was extremely repetitive. Adam would constantly talk about Isabelle's "luscious chocolate curls. It got so annoying. Like, Adam, I get it. Stop saying it over and over again. The repetitive writing is the only thing I disliked about this book and I'm glad it didn't make me entirely hate the book. I still enjoyed Rachel's writing.

It's beautiful and descriptive. Also, Rachel is such an amazing and cool author. She reaches out to her readers, talks to them and gladly takes any feedback! Overall, I really really really loved this book and I binge read it so fucking hard. I literally finished it in a day and abandoned my BR partner Solomon bc I just could not stop reading.

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The author did say she was going to fix up the repetitive writing and I would love to do a reread of this book someday to see the new changes. I really enjoyed this and can't wait to read Rachel's other work! View all 49 comments. Mar 04, Yodamom rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , romance , arc , survival , animal-abuse , fairy-tale , abuse , animal-rescue. Belle aka Isabelle is a support your family, make sacrifices and do the best you can kind of beauty. The beast is Prince Adam is a horribly scared man emotionally and physically, his best friend is a dog named Stranger who he rescued.

Sebastian, is still a servant of sort to his family, more of a friend. The characters are complex, the relationship is earned, in a slow painful process that I completely enjoyed. Isabelle runs from her tormentor and home after a horrific series of events and sexual abuse at his hands. Her plan to take her blind, ill father and find a new life for them is thwarted when the weather turns and they are forced to seek shelter at a dank, depressed castle behind rusted gates.

When the door opens and she is greeted by a huge man in a dark cloak and a growling giant dog she nearly turns back toward the sure death of the storm. Forcing this dark giant to let them in drawing on her determination to improve their situation she begins a series of events that had me up all night reading while my household slept. The beast, Adam, lives in his past. He is a living nightmare, swimming with the ghost of his past day and night. Living alone in a decrepit castle with his dog and family relics. He feeds his unhappiness and sorrow with solitude and bitterness.

When this woman and her father crash into his solitude he does not adjust easily and become the gentle host. He overreacts to a simple event that will cut a deep wound in Belles heart. He has little to no experience with other people, he is like a lost child acting out. He stole my heart. Oh Ms. Demeter created a repulsive character in Raphael, Belles tormentor. Deplorable actions and words, a complete piece of rot. She gives him a background that almost had me feeling sorry for the vermin.

That was a tricky little twist of the knife. A most trusted man broke the heart of his friend.

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She twisted me around her finger with her wonderful story telling. The words were beautifully pulled together and created an adult version that does justice to the classic. View all 23 comments. Mar 14, Sylvia rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-you-need-is-love , bad-boys-for-the-red-room , dual-multiple-pov , death , fairytale-retellings , readreview , authors-from-another-country , romance , historical-romance , fantasy. These are just but a few words that come to mind when I think of this fantastical retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Not only has the author, successfully, woven a story filled with the heartbeat of the original, she has also fused it with the dark elements of The Phantom of the Opera, as well as snippets of Cinderella.

I found myself immersed within the hauntingly beautiful pages fi Purely Magical, Breathtakingly Beautiful Dark, yet whimsical Enchanting, and haunting Mesmerising, and unforgettable. I found myself immersed within the hauntingly beautiful pages filled with descriptive words that floated magically in a way that had me completely engaged and falling in love with this beautiful rendition of a story that is a favourite of mine.

I cherished every word and felt every feeling. My heart pounded repeatedly and my senses heightened by the heartbreak the characters endured and the tenderness in which their love for one another grew over time. Our Beast, Adam Delacroix is that of a scarred man, both physically and emotionally. He has shunned the outside world, living within the halls of his tormented past, withering away and forgetting what it's like to be alive.

Enter our Beauty, Isabelle Rose and his non-existent life will forever change. Both escaping pasts that would consume them whole, if they allowed it, these two slowly strip away the layers that would unleash their truths and bring about a love that would stand the tests of time. It was such a breathtaking sight to behold, so to speak, and an experience that will forever be in my heart. Our dear and wonderful author has spun a tale that is filled with so much love and hope, of longing and beauty, of healing and faith, that what we see presented on the outside, is never what it seems.

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That the way we look isn't representative of who we are. I would love to thank the author, Rachel L. Demeter for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review. And in doing so, I have fallen in love with the way she can capture my heart with her splendid way with words. Absolutely stunning. View all 10 comments. It is not glorified but it is extremely disturbing. The writing hooked me from page one. I mean seriously guys, this might be the best prologue I've ever read.

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I had no doubt it was going to be a five star book. And then things started to change. First of all, I need to commend the writing. I can't even tell you how many lines I highlighted because of how beautifully written this book is. The rest? Perhaps its personal preference, but the story just didn't work for me. While the story is reminiscent of the Disney version probably the closest I've read yet , it still holds up on its own as unique. No magic here folks, and it is MUCH darker. Not to mention the issues the book deals with everything from abuse, rape, PTSD, etc.

Does it handle them well? Most of the time, yes, but I definitely had some issues with it. Especially with the rape.

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No, it is not glorified in the least OR made romantic in any way, but my question is Why describe it in great detail? No, it isn't the beast who does it. It's the 'Gaston' character - FYI.

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I don't know, I was just disturbed. The other issues I had were the pacing. While I wanted to soak up the language, I was also trying to keep my eyes open for large chunks at a time. The overall story I.

I think I'm just done reading Beauty and the Beast retellings.