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We therefore conducted focused interviews with eight experts who either worked as senior managers or as experienced group facilitators and analysed their approaches to group coordination using methods of content analysis.

Results show that these experts possess sophisticated mental representations of their coordination behaviour. These subjective coordination theories can be organised in terms of coordination schemes in which coordination-releasing situations are facilitated by special coordination mechanisms that, in turn, lead to the perception of specific consequences. We discuss the importance of these subjective coordination theories for effectively facilitating group decision-making and minimising process losses. Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search.

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Industrial-Organizational Psychology - Lesson 1- Motivation Theories and Principles

I hear you, but do I understand? The relationship of a shared professional language with quality of care and job satisfaction. Frontiers in Psychology , vol. DOI: KOF Analysen , vol. Does leader—member exchange buffer or intensify detrimental reactions to psychological contract breach?

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Journal of Vocational Behavior , vol. We can do it! Inclusive leader language promotes voice behavior in multi-professional teams. Spahn and Bastian Grande. Leadership Quarterly , vol. The dual nature of adaptive coordination in teams: Balancing demands for flexibility and stability. Organizational Psychology Review , vol. Two sides of the same coin — how agile software development teams approach uncertainty as threats and opportunities. Information and Software Technology , vol. Die Volkswirtschaft , no. Research Collection. Necessity not just novelty is the mother of invention: using creativity research to improve research in work and organizational psychology.

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Supplement 1, pp. Speaking up in defence of teamwork training towards patient safety: a response. Medical Education , vol. Operating lists are created by rational algorithms and use of power.

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What can a social scientific view offer surgeons? Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery , vol.

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Routine interdependencies as a source of stability and flexibility. A study of agile software development teams. Information and Organization , vol. Uncertainty management in enroute air traffic control: a field study exploring controller strategies and requirements for automation. Cognition, Technology and Work , vol. Daniel B. Raemer, Michaela Kolbe, Rebecca D. Minehart, Jenny W. Rudolph and May C.

Disentangling effects of age and career preferences on the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention and behavior: An examination in three samples. Work, Aging and Retirement , vol. The longer your work hours, the worse your relationship? The role of selective optimization with compensation in the associations of working time with relationship satisfaction and self-disclosure in dual-career couples.

Human relations , vol. Journal of Career Development , vol. An anesthesia preinduction checklist to improve information exchange, knowledge of critical information, perception of safety, and possibly perception of teamwork in anesthesia teams. David W.

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Spahn and Christoph B. Gregory D. Webster, C. Nathan DeWall, Richard S. Pond, Timothy Deckman, Peter K. Jonason, Bonnie M. Le, Austin L. Nichols, Tatiana O. Schember, Laura C. Crysel, Benjamin S. Crosier, C. Veronica Smith, E. Layne Paddock, John B. Nezlek, Lee A.

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Kirkpatrick, Angela D. Journal of Personality Assessment , vol. Transformational leadership and employee creativity: The mediating role of promotion focus and creative process engagement. Journal of Business and Psychology , vol.

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