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Although the C form will provide you a record of your health coverage, the form does not need to be attached to your tax return. You will simply need to check a box on your tax return indicating your health coverage status. The Internal Revenue Service will receive a record of your health care coverage status from the university as official reference.

If you have questions regarding your health care coverage status, you may contact the Benefits Office at Book Description Butterworth-Heinemann, In Stock. Seller Inventory zk Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!.

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Seller Inventory n. Items related to irs Managing Conflict in the Workplace. Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Conflict, bullying and harassment can destroy the foundations of the most enterprising organisations.

Book Description : A practical handbook to help recognize and resolve destructive conflict issues in the workplace. About the Author : A freelance journalist and editor with 13 years experience of specializing in HR and Employment Law issues for both trade and national press.

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Stock Image. New Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. Majestic Books London, ,, United Kingdom. I believe you asked a very relevant question, and given that I have close to 20 years experience in the job of RA having worked my way up the system from a grade 9 to a grade 13, step 7, over many years, I am very well qualified to answer the question accurately, whether you like the answer or not.

Given that you have 0 years experience and are not even an RA, you know nothing, and are like most of the know-it-alls on this IRS forum. Also, it was an excellent question that all applicants should be asking before accepting an offer at IRS - I cannot emphasize this more. JW is the person who asked the original question Generally the best thing is to fully disclose everything on your declaration form. Maybe you should talk to a union rep about your background issues, if you don't trust what I'm telling you. The union knows all about it, but find a good union chapter first, then ask the questions.

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I know that nonpayment or late payment of taxes would definitely get you fired, at least in my location. This is something every applicant should know, so why you try to block it is beyond me! I don't know why I'm telling you this after your name calling, but there might be some other people who are decent people and are applying and deserve to know the truth before leaving good jobs.

I'd hate to see more good people harmed. There's nothing worse than being out of a job, with kids to feed, etc.. It is funny you say people deserve to know the truth but you claim someone did not complete probation because of a credit score from 12 years ago. The IRS nor any other employer uses a credit score. The decision is not if they will give credit.

Thank you for sharing!

Reports are generally to see if you have judgements against you or in default on debt that may reflect that you are irresponsible. That has nothing to do with how many lines of credit you have and how many consecutive payments you have on time. No employer would see a high credit score as better than a low credit score due to nothing more of a lack of credit history because the person hasn't borrowed.

A credit score from 12 years ago is impossible to find since bureaus only keep information from the past 7 years.

The only way to even calculate a credit score from 6 months ago much less 12 years ago is to have the report for that day. Finally the question has nothing to do with a RA. Specialist have different criteria. Even if your situation was bad it was with one team, one boss, and the not the entire agency. If it is true what you describe could happen in any agency or company where a person has a personality conflict with a boss. It isn't right but we have probably all seen it happen somewhere where a particular manager does not like person X and finds anything they can to accuse them of poor performance while letting others they like slide on the same issue.

It happens everywhere from time to time and it is not specific to any one company or agency. Again if you feel you were wrongful terminated the proper channel is seeking legal representation not potentially opening yourself up to libel over statements made about your former employer.

This is especially pertinent when the information is second hand such as coworker's claim as to why he was fired. I highly doubt you show the documentation they used or where then when they told him why. You have nothing to back these statements up with other than person X may have told sometime.

That is a recipe to get sued if your former employer wants to do it. It works both ways employers can be sued for making false statements about you to others if they lack evidence, just as you can be sued by them for the same thing. Thanks Taxman, I am probably disclosing things they might not find. Not disclosing a potential issue especially if a form directly asks you to disclose is definitely a bad idea. The stuff I am listing will come up in written inquiries or just by pulling a credit report so I would be a fool to try to hide it.

I said he was "raked over the coals" over the 12 year old credit score, then fired at the very end of his probation. You asked whether it was going to be a big issue, and I know it was for him. He was an excellent employee, all of the trainees admired him. I do not believe he would not have lied, yet we saw all kinds of lies and deception from the IRS management during that time, even fraudulent 2nd probations.

As far as nonpayment of taxes, they consider that to be far worse than a bad credit score, and I do know this would get you fired for sure, at least in my location. You claim to be a RA and do not know the difference between non payment and an installment plan, which is an agreement to break up the payment over time? Besides the amount is very small now and will likely be paid before I even receive my forms. You still do not even get the question I am not officially hired yet until the BI is over. There is no union I am part of no probationary period as of yet. Just an offer and a process determining my suitability.

It was for another IRS position [a lower level one] but it seemed like generally employees were in the clear as long as it was documented they had a payment plan set up and were current. Revenue officers RO's deal with payment plans. Revenue Agents just determine the tax owed. The jobs are completely different - RO's are tax collectors, RA's are technical tax people. You should definitely get an answer as to whether the officials in your area will terminate you for these things, prior to accepting the job. In my area, even a penny late would be an issue. The union is NTEU, and they should answer the questions for you, since they will try to get you to join.