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National-level statistics unfortunately show that involvement in decision-making as it is currently measured, a favourite indicator of empowerment, does not reduce violence against women. Overall 37 per cent of women in the country between the ages of 15 and 49 have suffered physical violence, mostly from spouses.

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The numbers go up to 66 per cent for women who are divorced, separated or deserted by their husbands -- women without umbrellas. Even in highly literate Kerala, touted for its human development exceptionalism, high literacy and education rates, women get beaten up in their homes. Women in 'love marriages', as we have seen from Naaz and Khusbu's sister, are not exempt from violence.

The effects of employment depend particularly on men's sense of masculinity. It can increase violence against women in the initial stages if men's sense of masculinity is hurt. When masculinity means control, it leads women to tiptoe around men's egos to avoid male violence. It leads even highly educated Bhumi , 27, to say, 'I let him believe he has the power in the relationship. Women absorb the anti-women culture so deeply that they blame themselves for everything, even miscarriages.

The government National Family and Health Survey done once every decade shows that 55 per cent of women, a higher percentage than men at 51 per cent, still believe that women's transgressions, from not having food ready to denying sex , justify a beating by their husbands. Education of women matters, but 21 per cent of women with higher education justify beating women.

Wealth has an effect but the middle-classes think like the poor: 62 per cent of women in poverty believe that women deserve beatings, but so do 61 per cent of the middlewealth group and 54 per cent in the next higher wealth level, dropping only in the wealthiest top 20 per cent of the population to 37 per cent.

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The majority of women across wealth levels, except the top levels of wealth, believe in their own disposability, even more so than the men. As they grow older, all too often this dream becomes a nightmare. She still hopes to get remarried, but for now she is happy and runs her own business. Not surprisingly, educated girls have pushed back to delay this future. And, contrary to people's assumptions, it was a love marriage. Print this article. Boxing Worlds: Mary Kom in quarters, Boora out.

China drops exhibition ties; NBA defends free speech. India bowling coach says adapting is key to success.

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Denmark visa being processed: Saina. More like this Why are marriages today not working? A suitable girl: How young India perceives arranged marriages. Luke's father, an inveterate gambler, lost the Castle fifty years earlier to Damaris's grandfather, an innkeeper. As it is the first estate his family obtained Luke wants to regain it.

The Marriage Gamble

Damaris, unwillingly obeying her grandfather's wishes, comes to London for the Season with her friend Mary, Lady Gordon, and her two young children. She will be twenty-one in July, and is looking forward to controlling her inheritance, which has been in the charge of a distant cousin, Humphrey Lee.

Damaris is convinced he wants to marry her. She doesn't want any husband, who would deprive her of such control. Her first encounter with Luke is disastrous, but she soon finds a way out of the dilemma. Read more Read less.

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